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Sleep Massager

Function Introduction

This Diastolic pressure Dream –mate has adopted the third infrared massage EA technology- Dual-frequency to Deepen Stimulation Method. Based on the unique facilitated vibration massage and electronic acupuncture dual-frequency deepen stimulation method principle.


1, Adopted the Third infrared massage EA technology-Dual-frequency to Deepen Stimulation Method(award many patents in multi-countries), based on the conbination bio-electronic technology with the mothland tranditional medicine acupuncture therapy mode.

2, Configurated in Sleep Golden Triangle, effectivly improve various insomnia symptoms, and greatly increase the deep sleep time.

3, Help sleep and stop snore dual physical therapy method, a significant effect, no side effects; treatment without pain, no fainting phenomenon, the effect is not rebound.

4, Infrared vibration massage, automatically adjust the pulse therapy output intensity. Use 30 minutes before sleep, relieve fatigue, and sleep freely; stop snore when you are in asleep, improve sleep quality.

5, Automatically detect the condition whether the sleep massager is in good condition with the skin as well as the acupuncture point.

Main treat:

1, Efficiently increase the insomnia person’s deep sleep time, the rate up to 123%.

2, Diastolic mental pressure, improve the sleep problem, short the fall asleep time.

3, Reduce the times of getting up at midle night, the reduction of the rate come to 66.70%.

4, Greatly improve the person who suffers from snore sleep quality.

5, The treatment for the insomnia rate come up to 87%.


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