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Smoke and flames from a fire are easy to see, but a fire that begins in a vacant part of the house or starts in the middle of the night can spread undetected. Once a fire starts, it can grow quickly.

Carbon monoxide (CO) poses an invisible threat. It’s a colorless, odorless gas produced by any fuel-burning appliance or fixture — such as a furnace, water heater or fireplace. Carbon monoxide can build up in the home from malfunctions or improper venting in these devices. It can also accumulate if the home is sealed for energy efficiency, reducing the exchange of inside and outside air. An attached garage in which a vehicle is running can also allow carbon monoxide to enter the home. The gas is dangerous because it replaces the oxygen in the air and, when inhaled, creates a toxic compound in your body. For more on carbon monoxide, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Carbon Monoxide Poisoning information.

A combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm — also known as a smoke and carbon monoxide detector — can warn you when either threat is present and help protect you and your family as well as your home.


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